Kevin Gutierrez is a Guatemalan born/Los Angeles based photographer, known as “KEVO", which is now known as the brand for his photography artwork: 'Kevos Photography’. Kevo was raised in Los Angeles since he was 5 years old, and he discovered Photography as a passion when he was a young boy, taking fashion photos of his sister, Beverly Gutierrez. He kept falling in love with photography when he was attending John Marshall High School in 2006. He was in charge of the yearbook photography and has been self-taught in photography ever since then. He has been motivated to inspire people through his positive thinking , loving traits, communication skills, and his photography/ Film artwork. He attended college at California State University Los Angeles, and received a Bachelors degree in communication ( B.A. in TV, Film, and Media Studies), with his experiences and his education, he has been fortunate to work with many individuals and professionals, helping them to capture timeless moments. The passion for photography became a profession, and a life changing experience for Kevo. In 2015, Kevo become a business owner as a professional photographer, capturing colorful photos and fashion artwork for Hollywood local designers, such as “The sellout”, as well as upcoming models in Hollywood, California.

In 2016, Kevos Photography travels and explores other cultures and captures their vibrant lifestyle. This was a discovery for the style of photography that Kevo wanted to pursue:


After Kevo travels to the east coast of U.S.A and Central America countries, he wanted to take more “colorful, bright, and meaningful photos”. In his everyday life he sees the world in a positive perspective, and wanted to make his photos similar to the way he viewed life, where moments should not be taken for granted. He wanted to incorporate more colors in his photography, making them look vivid, lively, and interesting, so that the viewer do not miss a meaningful moment.

Kevos Photography has experience with fine-art photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, photojournalism, documentary photography, aerial photography, still life photography, architectural photography, street photography, candid photography, travel photography, abstract photography, event photography, and product photography.

In 2019 Kevos Photography joins RAW artist's LA showcase, in Hollywood. This was an event that features hand-selected independent artists in all creative genres: visual art, fashion & accessory design, craft, film, tech, music, performance art, hair & makeup artistry, and photography.”

Kevos Photography displays new photo collections that were in black and white with the theme: “ARISE". The large prints displayed colorful buildings that are in the midst of their construction, airplanes, and aerial landscapes, representing the theme “Arise”. The 50 (8x10) Black and White photos demonstrate Kevos documentary style and fashion/headshot photo-shoots, produced and shot by Kevo. This work shows many realities and talented people. Kevo's idea was to bring photography history back in our time, using the theme “ARISE”, and creating a Dark Room, having all guests use a flashlight while looking at the black and white printed photographs.